2004 Legislative Report Card Released and Launch of Online Score Look-up

Posted on October 25, 2004 | Type: Press Release
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PHOENIX-The Goldwater Institute today released its second annual Legislative Report Card, a comprehensive analysis of the voting records of all Arizona legislators. The report card assigns a letter grade to each legislator based on how well their votes advanced economic freedom, personal responsibility, and constitutional government.

The analysis scored legislators on 277 votes across four categories-education, constitutional government, regulation, and fiscal policy-making it the state's most comprehensive legislative report card ever. This year's report card showed a general compression of scores over last year, with top scores falling 10 points in the Senate and one point in the House, while overall average scores rose two points in the Senate and six points in the House. Top scorers were Reps. Russell Pearce (R-18) and Karen Johnson (R-18), and Sen. Jack Harper (R-4).

"With 1,249 bills introduced in the legislature this year, this report card brings transparency to the legislative process and lets Arizonans see for themselves how legislators are performing," said Goldwater Institute fiscal policy analyst Satya Thallam, the report card's author.

In conjunction with the report card, the Goldwater Institute today launched a new online tool that lets Arizonans look up their legislators' grades by zip code, district number, or last name.

The Legislative Report Card is available online here.

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