Florida's Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts

Posted on July 31, 2014 | Type: Multimedia
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In May 2014, the Florida Legislature passed SB 850, which was a comprehensive education bill. In part, the bill created the innovative Personal Learning Scholarship Account (PLSA) program. The purpose of the PLSA Program is to empower parents of special needs children to direct educational funds toward a combination of programs and approved providers in order to address the unique and individualized needs of their children as each parent sees fit.  The Florida Education Association (FEA), through its member Tom Faasse, has filed suit challenging SB 850. FEA claims that SB 850 violates the Florida Constitution's "single subject" rule, which requires that every bill passed contain only one subject. However, the subject of SB 850 is clearly education. 

If FEA prevails in its suit, the PLSA program will be wiped off the books and many families will lose the opportunity give their special needs children the unique and specialized education they need to thrive as adults. FEA’s attorney, Ron Meyer, has called the personalized learning accounts "a collateral casualty" in the lawsuit. The Goldwater Institute has filed to join the State of Florida in opposing the lawsuit in order to protect the right of parents to direct the education of their special needs children.




Julie Kleffel

Diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Julie's daughter Faith could be helped by Florida's recently passed Personal Learning Scholarship Account, giving her a better opportunity to succeed in the comfort of her own home.


Melissa Ward

Melissa's son Ethan has cerebral palsy, making physical things difficult to accomplish. With Florida's Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts, Ethan's family would have the resources to get him the therapy he needs, while saving money for the state.


Ashli McCall

Ashli's son Emmil has autism, making a traditional public school a difficult learning environment for him. However, this makes him eligible for Florida's new Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts, giving him the chance to receive therapies that would help his diagnosis. Yet, the FEA threatens to strike down this program, despite the large number of students it could help.



-Florida Department of Education: Personal Learning Scholarship Account Program
-Step Up For Students: Special Needs Scholarship
-Goldwater Institute: Faasse v. Scott Case Page


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For more information, please contact Charles Siler with the Goldwater Institute at (202) 487-8652 or csiler@goldwaterinstitute.org.

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