Goldwater Group Gives Low Grades to Legislators

Posted on September 29, 2003 | Type: In the News
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Republican legislative leaders earned only marginal marks, and no Democrat received higher than a D-grade, from the Goldwater Institute in its analysis of 191 votes during the 2003 Arizona legislative session.

Not surprisingly, the fiscally and economically conservative Goldwater think tank gave the highest marks on its 2003 legislative scorecard to fiscal hawks such as state Sens. Thayer Verschoor and Jack Harper and House Majority Leader Eddie Farnsworth.

But other GOP leaders and some key business allies did not receive top grades from Goldwater for their votes on fiscal restraint, deregulation, expansion of school choice and spending limits.

House Speaker Jake Flake received a C grade on Goldwater report card. State Senate President Ken Bennett received a C-minus and Senate Majority Leader Tim Bee snagged a C+. Senate Commerce Chair Barbara Leff received a B-minus.

The lowest grades went to Democrats with state Sens. Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell and Valley state Reps. John Loredo and Meg Burton-Cahill at or near the bottom of their chambers.

The Goldwater group advocates low and flat taxes, less government regulation and increased competition in the education arena.

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