Media Advisory: Board of Cosmetology Will Cease Regulating Small Businesswoman

Posted on April 24, 2013 | Type: Press Release
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Contact: Lucy Caldwell



In what is a major victory for individuals’ right to earn a living, the Arizona Board of Cosmetology has agreed to cease its attempts to needlessly regulate Lauren Boice, a small businesswoman who connects terminally ill patients with beauty service-providers. The Board also has agreed never to regulate businesses like Boice’s in the future. 

This commitment was spelled out this week in a settlement agreement between the Board and Boice, ending a grueling sixteen-month legal battle between the parties.

A cancer survivor and former hospice nurse’s assistant, Boice founded Angels on Earth Home Beauty, a dispatch-service to connect homebound elderly and ill clients with licensed cosmetologists who can perform haircuts, manicures or massages right in the clients’ own homes. In a classic story of government run amok, the Arizona Board of Cosmetology began threatening to shut down Boice’s business unless she complied with regulations designed for beauty salons, not home visits. The Board even demanded she open a physical salon location even though her homebound clients would never step foot inside.

In the legally binding settlement agreement filed with the court, the Board agrees to stop requiring Lauren to comply with these regulations and promises it will not to regulate business people like her in the future.

“This is a great victory for small businesspeople and consumers alike," said Christina Sandefur, the Goldwater Institute attorney who represents Boice. "Thanks to this settlement, entrepreneurs like Lauren Boice can focus on serving their clients rather than navigating the Board’s labyrinth of red tape.”

The Goldwater Institute’s legal team is committed to continue the fight on behalf of small businesspeople like Lauren Boice whenever their livelihoods are threatened by needless government red tape.





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