Recording originally aired on NPR, July 31, 2014


Six Florida families with disabled children want to block a lawsuit challenging the state’s newest voucher program.  They say a move by the state teacher’s union to invalidate a broader bill on educational choice options, is bad policy.


The radio show Main Street Out Loud led a discussion on the federal health care law and the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Host Rudi K. was joined by Diane Cohen, senior attorney for the Goldwater Institute; Dr. Byron Schlomach, Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute; and Dr. John Ammon, Medical Director and President of Docs 4 Patient Care (Arizona Chapter).

“Let us, then, not blunt the noble impulses of mankind by reducing charity to a mechanical operation of the federal government. Let us, by all means, encourage those who are fortunate and able to care for the needs of those who are unfortunate and disabled. But let us do this in a way that is conducive to the spiritual as well as the material well-being of our citizens – and in a way that will preserve their freedom.” – Barry Goldwater