Clint Bolick

Racial preference is an escape hatch

Posted on April 29, 2007 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Clint Bolick
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The article on this initiative to ban racial and ethnic preferences in public education, contracting and employment could leave the impression is an attack on Affirmative action. Not so.

When California banned preferences, university officials responded with efforts such as providing tutors to inner-city youngsters to boost their academic performance so they could be admitted on their merits rather than skin color. That is true affirmative action.

Racial preferences are a divisive and superficial approach that does nothing to solve the underlying problems that contribute to racial inequality Only when we deny government the easy out of racial preferences will we begin seriously to confront those problems and make it possible for all Americans, regardless of skin color or ethnic origin, to earn a share of the American dream on truly equal terms.

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