Reporter misleads, not the report

Posted on February 11, 2005 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Paul Clifton
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Re: the Jan. 30 column "New school finance report leaves a haze of confusion."

The article is a haze of confusion itself. It says the Goldwater and Friedman report on expenditures is "misleading," largely because it shows debt refinancing and capital costs as expenditures.

It makes no more sense to exclude those figures from the education budget than it would to exclude the cost of firetrucks from the fire department's budget.

There is no good reason to exclude those costs, but there is a political one: Arizona ranks first nationally for highest capital outlay expenditures and second for interest on school debt expenditures.

Not surprisingly, advocates for more spending would prefer this information stay under wraps.

In that regard, the Goldwater and Friedman report has provided invaluable information to parents and taxpayers. Fortunately the information is online at www., and readers can see for themselves who is misleading.

Paul Clifton
Board member of Goldwater Institute, Oro Valley

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