A Review of Arizona Business Leadership for Education's Report

Posted on July 01, 1991 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Terry Moe
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Executive Summary

In this paper Professor Terry Moe of Stanford University reviews the report sponsored by Arizona Business Leadership for Education (ABLE) entitled "Better Schools for Arizona."  (A four-page summary of the ABLE report is included following page 14 of this paper.)

The ABLE report is the most recent and comprehensive study of Arizona education.  As such, its recommendations are considered by many to be central to education reform proposals which will be considered by the Governor's Task Force on Educational Reform, the Legislature, and the people. Thus, the Goldwater Institute commissioned Dr. Moe to review the ABLE report.

Dr. Moe is one of the nation's foremost experts on educational policy.  He along with his colleague, Dr. John Chubb of The Brookings Institution, assembled and analyzed the largest data set on American education ever produced.  They collected data from 500 high schools and 20,000 students, teachers and administrators.  Their conclusions were reported in the path-breaking book Politics, Markets, and America's Schools published by The Brookings Institution.  Thus Dr. Moe's comments on the ABLE report are based on his extensive research and knowledge on what works and what does not work in education reform.

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