Seventeen Senior Fellows Join Goldwater Institute

Posted on January 17, 2005 | Type: Press Release
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PHOENIX-The Goldwater Institute is pleased to announce the addition of 17 senior fellows, including Vernon Smith, Nobel Prize Laureate and former University of Arizona professor.

"The Goldwater Institute has a track-record of solid research and important contributions to public policy," Dr. Smith said. "I'm pleased to join in their work of expanding educational and economic opportunity."

The senior fellows, each nationally-recognized experts in fields ranging from economics to constitutional law, will support the Goldwater Institute by sharing their expertise with resident scholars, assisting with research design and projects, reviewing research, and participating in Institute roundtables, forums and conferences.

Senior Fellow Clint Bolick said, "The Goldwater Institute has rekindled the individualist spirit at the core of Arizona's identity. Its vibrant, creative, and principled yet pragmatic policy analyses are essential to forward progress in the new millennium.  I am honored to be part of the team."

Several of the senior fellows live in Arizona, including Robert C. Balling, Professor of Geography and former Director of the Office of Climatology at Arizona State University; Clint Bolick, President of the Alliance for School Choice and co-founder of the Institute for Justice; and David Schmidtz, Professor of Philosophy and Economics at the University of Arizona and one of the country's leading political philosophers.

"I am thrilled that the Goldwater Institute has the respect and support of such a distinguished group of scholars," Goldwater Institute President Darcy Olsen said.

Senior fellows include: Randy Barnett, Austin B. Fletcher Professor at the Boston University School of Law; James D. Gwartney, Director, Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education at Florida State University; Matthew Ladner, Director of State Projects, Alliance for School Choice; Dan Lips, author and Policy Analyst, Americans for Prosperity; Carrie Lukas, Director of Policy, Independent Women's Forum; Stephen Moore, President, Free Enterprise Fund; Robert G. Natelson, Professor of Law, University of Montana; Michael J. New, Professor, University of Alabama; Jeffrey Parker, Professor of Law, George Mason University; Steve Pejovich, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University; Bernard Siegan, Distinguished Professor at the University of San Diego; Vernon Smith, Professor of Economics and Law, George Mason University; Lewis Solmon, Executive Vice President of Education at the Milken Family Foundation; and Gordon Tullock, Professor of Economics at George Mason University;

The Institute undertakes an extensive research program, publishing frequent analyses and recommendations on fiscal, education, and constitutional policy issues. Through research and education, the Goldwater Institute works to broaden the parameters of policy discussions to allow consideration of policies consistent with the founding principles of free societies.


Andrea Woodmansee, Director of Communications, Goldwater Institute, (602) 462-5000 x 226,

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