Forget Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Posted on August 11, 2005
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According to the just-released State of Our Nation's Youth survey, if high school students could create a better high school, it wouldn't include easier courses or classroom pizza delivery.

Nearly nine out of 10 high school students said they would work harder if their schools demanded more, set higher standards, and raised expectations. Ninety percent of students want opportunities to take challenging classes, and four out of five students think passing graduation exams in English and math would improve U.S. high schools.

While many education reform discussions focus on students struggling to learn English, pass AIMS or graduate from high school, this report is an important reminder that schools need to serve all types of students, including the academically gifted. 

By allowing for the creation of niche schools-whether for the academically gifted, the academically challenged, or those students who are somewhere in between-school choice meets students where they are and helps take them where they want to go.

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