Give a Little, Take a Little

Posted on May 24, 2005
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Give a little, take a little. That is the standard two-step of political compromise, but Gov. Janet Napolitano added a new move to the familiar dance last week when she vetoed important school choice legislation: Take a little more.

The budget the legislature sent to the governor gave her some substantial wins on contentious issues - expanded all-day kindergarten funding, a new medical school campus - in exchange for a few provisions the legislature wanted. The budget the governor signed gutted one of those provisions that would have created a corporate scholarship tax credit to help low-income children attend new schools. In doing so, she violated the trust of the legislature, and the will of the people.

In a survey conducted last month, 91.4 percent of Arizonans supported one or more of the five school choice proposals before the legislature, with likely voters favoring the vetoed measure by a 2-to-1 margin.

Arizona voters have good reason to remind the governor about their legislative priorities - they clearly want the freedom that comes with school choice. Arizonans would do well to remind her of that now, before the legislature heads into special session to rehash the vetoed legislation.

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