Governor on Wrong Side of History

Posted on March 30, 2005
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Governor Napolitano's veto of school choice can't stem the tide. Educational freedom now is a matter of time. As the evidence from successful choice programs comes in, the reasons for opposing school choice become weaker and weaker. Rebeca Huffman, president of Hispanic CREO, finds striking parallels in the opponents' reasoning today and the opponents of extending the right to vote to women 100 years ago. As she told a Goldwater Institute audience earlier this year:

"This is really a righteous cause. I was doing some research about a movement that got its victory early in the 1900s regarding a right that many of us take for granted and could never imagine why anyone would be opposed to such a right. The opponents at that time offered many reasons. 'If we give them this right, it will break the system,' They're not intelligent enough to make the right choice,'This right isn't something they want,' They're happy with the way things are." What was that cause?  Giving women the right to vote."

Then, as now, the defenders of the status quo had their reasons. Then, as now, the defenders of the status quo stand on shaky ground.

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