May Day! May Day!

Posted on May 03, 2007
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May 1st was a bad day for liberty. First, the state-wide smoking ban went into effect. Then, the House released a $10.6 billion budget proposal. What else should we expect on May Day?

Arizona's conservative majority in the House is asking taxpayers to fund a budget that is $276 million larger than what the democratic governor asked for. It gives tens of millions of dollars in across-the-board pay increases to government employees and continues to subsidize the biotech chimera.

Some will defend the House budget by arguing it includes around $60 million in new tax cuts. But since all government agencies are taxpayer financed, its important to consider the total tax take, that is, the total amount of spending. Looked at this way, this budget represents a $440 million tax increase over last year.

I am glad the House is pushing tax cuts, but on May 1st the supporters of government largesse had reason to celebrate, while friends of freedom hoped in vain for someone to defend them. This reminds me of a Davy Crockett truism: There ain't no ticks like poly-ticks.

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-Goldwater Institute: Dollars and Sense: How Arizona's Spending Choices Affect Our Future
-Goldwater Institute: Miracle on Kildare Street: What Irelands Economic Revival Means for Arizona
-Heritage Foundation: The Impact of Government Spending on Economic Growth

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