Show me Your Roundup License

Posted on October 27, 2005
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On September 28, the Institute for Justice filed a lawsuit challenging excessive regulations issued by the Structural Pest Control Commission (SPCC). The regulations prevent gardeners and landscapers from doing the ordinary spraying over-the-counter herbicides for their clients. The SPCC regulations don't just lie in the weeds. They're enforced with hefty fines, which means a $500 penalty for one of the plaintiffs in this case.

The state's licensing program requires some 3,000 hours of training over a five-year period just to spray Roundup, something any individual homeowner can do. At its core, the state's licensing scheme protects large pest control companies from competition at the expense of smaller independent businesses who are less able to afford the required time and fees. There's nothing healthy about that.

The SPCC also requires landlords and renters to get licensed, or face fines. The result? More business for established companies.

Masquerading as defenders of the public health, the laws do little other than deter start-up businesses from offering these services. A win for the Institute for Justice in this case would weed this regulatory garden that is choking out the growth of new business.

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-Institute for Justice: "Arizona Gardeners and Landscapers File Economic Liberty Lawsuit Against Structural Pest Control Commission"
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