Matthew Ladner

'Stockholm Syndrome' with education establishment beginning to fade

Posted on August 07, 2007 | Author: Matthew Ladner
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Mickey Kaus of covered a fascinating episode at the Democratic National Convention. In a standing room only event, Colorado State Senate President Peter Groff and reform minded Democratic mayors Adrian Fenty from Washington D.C. and Cory Booker from Newark took education unions to task.

Kaus described the event, writing (emphasis in the original):

Cory Booker of Newark attacked teachers unions specifically--and there was applause. In a room of 500 people at the Democratic convention!

The politics are so vicious, Booker complained, remembering how he'd been told his political career would be over if he kept pushing school choice, how early on he'd gotten help from Republicans rather than from Democrats. The party would have to admit as Democrats we have been wrong on education. Loud applause!

Mayor Adrian Fenty of D.C. joined in, describing the [American Federation of Teachers] attempt to block the proposed pathbreaking D.C. teacher contract. Booker denounced insane work rules, and Groff talked about doing the bidding of those folks who are giving money [for campaigns], and you know who I'm talking about. Yes, they did!

Progressives can either have progress in how we educate children, or a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with education unions, but they can't have both.

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