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Campaigns should be open and free, not prone to manipulation through government financing schemes. And now the U.S. Supreme Court agrees.

<p>Campaigns should be open and free, not prone to manipulation through government financing schemes. And now the U.S. Supreme Court agrees.</p>

The Goldwater Institute's Nick Dranias appeared on KAET's Horizon to discuss the latest on the Clean Elections case and what the next steps are.

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As campaign-finance law goes, the courtroom drama swirling around Arizona's Clean Election law is reaching the cliffhanger stage.

On one side is the U.S. Supreme Court, which has responded to the motions of opponents of Arizona's system of publicly financed elections with a sense of urgency unmatched since its Bush vs. Gore decisions following the virtual tie in Florida's presidential election in 2000.

PHOENIX— Today the Goldwater Institute filed a new request asking the U.S. Supreme Court to immediately block the release of “matching funds” by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

PHOENIX—Members of Congress and Arizona election officials have been urging tougher disclosure requirements for campaign spending in response to the January 2010 historic decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v.


In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court considered whether the federal government could prohibit a nonprofit corporation from showing a movie that criticized presidential candidate Hillary Clinton within 30 days of an election. Answering “yes” would have declared censorship of political speech is appropriate under the First Amendment.

The Goldwater Institute's Nick Dranias went on the James Allen Show on KKNT to talk about why the Citizens United case is a huge victory for free political speech.


As the matching funds portion of Arizona’s Clean Elections law dangles by a legal thread, the state agency that hands taxpayer funds to political candidates is preparing to spend more than $2 million to convince voters and legislators it is doing a good job.

PHOENIX--The Goldwater Institute filed an emergency request today with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M.


The Goldwater Institute's Nick Dranias appeared live on Channel 3 to discuss what the victory in the Clean Elections matching funds lawsuit means.

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Phoenix—Today U.S. District Court Judge Roslyn Silver ruled in favor of the Goldwater Institute and permanently struck down the matching funds provision of the Clean Elections law.