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We made sure ballots stay secret by developing and defending multi-state legislation that lets workers keep their votes confidential in union-organizing elections. When the National Labor Relations Board sued over the law, we defended the law in court--and won.

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Protecting your
constitutional rights.

Coons v. Geithner

The Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit against President Obama's federal health care law. The lawsuit employs two arguments not being used in any other case against national health care, as well as the best arguments being used in other cases.

NLRB v. State of Arizona

The right to a secret ballot is one of the most sacred principles of American democracy. But now that right is under attack. We seek to uphold the Save our Secret Ballot amendment and defend the right of every Arizona worker to make a decision about joining a labor union in private.

Amicus Briefs

The Goldwater Institute files amicus briefs in a wide range of cases, and many have been cited in the opinions issued by the court – further extending our nationwide impact.

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On topics as diverse as federal health care, protecting freedom of speech and protecting taxpayers and business owners, the Goldwater Institute ensures that government at all levels adheres to the constitution by standing up for taxpayers’ rights in court.