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There are almost 90,000 local governments in America, with an average of one new local government born every day. Many are unaccountable to taxpayers and special interest-driven, and the Goldwater Institute’s “New Charter for American Cities” gives citizens the tools they need to fight City Hall and hold their local governments accountable.

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  • Phoenix Withholds Public Records for Hotel Remodeling "Development" Deal

    Posted on February 05, 2010 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX--The City of Phoenix refuses to share with the public any records that might reveal details about a proposed tax exemption to help a downtown hotel remodel its rooms and hallways.

  • Three E's should define next governor's agenda

    Posted on January 21, 2010 | Type: Blog | Author: Clint Bolick

    The Arizona Governor’s office is up for grabs and lots of people seem to want it.

  • Reforming America's cities one policy at a time

    Posted on December 08, 2009 | Type: Blog | Author: Nick Dranias

    Nine months ago, the Goldwater Institute introduced a plan to apply the principles of limited government to the governments closest to home. A New Charter for American Cities advocates the establishment of a “Local Liberty Charter” whereby citizens and local public officials could adopt a set of limited-government policies—a local bill of rights—to restrain local taxing and spending, reduce local regulation, and restructure local politics to check and balance governmental power.

  • Proposition mandates huge expansion of Tucson's payroll

    Posted on October 26, 2009 | Type: Blog | Author: Nick Dranias

    Proposition 200 is marketed as an effort to focus Tucson on giving priority funding to core local government services--law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire protection--in order to generate better response times. But the truth is it would just mandate more government spending with no strings attached.

  • CON: Proposition mandates huge expansion of city's payroll

    Posted on October 26, 2009 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Nick Dranias

    With Tucson's local tax and fee revenues plummeting, it's the right time to focus local government spending on the essentials. So, Proposition 200 may seem like a great idea.

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