Assessing Arizona's Economy

Event Date - June 06, 2002

During the 1990s, Arizona's economy doubled in size, creating nearly 1 million new jobs. Yet some analysts worry that the local economy lags behind on key measures of economic performance. A June 6 luncheon forum at the Goldwater Institute brought together three of Arizona's economic experts to discuss the state of the state's economy.

Robert Franciosi, Director of Urban Growth and Economic Development Studies at the Goldwater Institute, presented the findings from his latest policy paper, "Assessing Arizona's Growth: Boom or Bust?"

Elliot D. Pollack, President of Elliot D. Pollack and Company, presented his view that Arizona's economic fundamentals were strong and its economic woes cyclical and temporary.

The Hon. Carol Springer, Arizona State Treasurer, presented data suggesting that the state government's 2003-2004 budget deficit could exceed $1.3 billion.

For a summary of the issues raised at the forum, read the story by business reporter Jeannine Relly in the June 7th Arizona Daily Star.

Arizona Treasurer Carol Springer presents the bad news about the state's projected budget deficits.

Elliot Pollack presents the good news about Arizona's economy: "Not only is it not broken, but the underlying dynamics are probably healthier today than they have been in years."

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