Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

Event Date - August 21, 2002

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Featured Panelists:
Mark Kimble, Editorial Writer, Tucson Citizen
Tom Patterson, Chairman, Goldwater Institute
C. T. Revere, Political Reporter, Tucson Citizen
Mary Jo Waits, Associate Director, Morrison Institute
Candidates Attending:
Betsey Bayless (R)
Gary Fallon (L)
Alfredo Gutierrez (D)
Barry Hess (L)
Richard Mahoney (I)
Janet Napolitano (D)
Mike Newcomb (D)Mark Osterloh (D)
Matt Salmon (R)
Carol Springer (R)
The Tucson Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, hosted by the Goldwater Institute and the Tucson Citizen, was the only forum in the state to feature all ten candidates. The event took place on Tuesday evening, August 20, 2002, from  6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Marriott University Park.
Each candidate answered two questions from the panelists and one audience question. Approximately 300 persons attended the event.


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