Moving Forward: The Costs and Benefits of a Light Rail System in the Valley

Event Date - January 08, 2004


Goldwater Institute Policy Forum
As the Valley continues to grow, Maricopa County will need to address the increasing demand for transportation infrastructure. To that end, the Maricopa Association of Governments developed the "Regional Transportation Plan," a regional 20-year, $16 billion proposal. 
Perhaps the most controversial component of the plan is a provision to spend over $2.1 billion implementing a light rail system. At this January 8 forum, policy experts, legislators, and citizens joined the Goldwater Institute and the East Valley Tribune to discuss the costs and benefits of light rail in the valley.
Panelists included: Ken Driggs, Executive Director, Regional Public Transportation Authority, Valley Metro; Hon. Jeff Flake, Representative, U.S. House of Representatives; Hon. Neil Giuliano Mayor, City of Tempe; Dr. James Moore, Professor, University of Southern California; Hon. Gary Pierce, Representative, Arizona House of Representatives; John Semmens, Transportation Policy Analyst, Laissez Faire Institute

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