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Throughout the year we host book signings, roundtable discussions, and educational and social events. Become involved with the Goldwater Institute -- check back for information about our upcoming events.


Past Events

Terry M. Moe--Education Conference 2006   January 26, 2006

Goldwater Institute Education Conference

This Land is My Land: Eminent Domain Reform After Kelo v. City of New London   January 17, 2006

Goldwater Institute Legislative Briefing

Clint Bolick Speaker Series Luncheon  December 01, 2005

"Local governments touch the intimate lives of every American every day. They operate the schools most of our children attend. They determine the permissible uses of our property. They regulate the terms and conditions of business and employment...They do so usually out of sight and out of mind, and as a result they are often out of control."

Jay Greene: Education Myths: What Special-Interest Groups Want You to Believe About our Schools-And Why It Isn't So   November 16, 2005

Listen to event excerpts.

Stephen Moore: Wall Street Journal editorial writer and author, Bullish on Bush   November 04, 2005

THE AMERICAN DREAM is fundamentally the dream of ownership-of one's home, one's business, one's destiny. In Bullish on Bush, economist Stephen Moore examines president George W. Bush's vision of an "ownership society," which encompasses policies that go the heart of the American Dream, including personal retirement accounts, permanent tax cuts, and elimination of the "Death Tax."

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