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  • Guest Column: ASA leaders failed to set the record straight in Goldwater report

    Posted on October 10, 2012 | Type: In the News | Author: Christian Palmer

    Arizona Students’ Association student directors from the UA on several occasions have criticized the recent Goldwater Institute report entitled “Welcome to the Real World” of being factually incorrect. As the author of the report, I would like to set the record straight, particularly when it comes to whether the ASA abided by its own bylaws when it made two separate financial contributions to the Proposition 204 statewide ballot initiative campaign.

  • Debate: Top-two primary would make elections "much, much worse"

    Posted on October 09, 2012 | Type: In the News

    Arizona voters would turn the state's electoral system upside down this fall if they approve an open primary in which all could vote and the top two, regardless of party, would compete in the general election.

  • Death Panel Rattle

    Posted on October 05, 2012 | Type: In the News

    The Goldwater Institute in Arizona is proceeding with a lawsuit -- Coons v. Geithner -- that challenges the constitutionality of Obamacare on the basis of the IPAB. The suit argues that the board violates the separation of powers. Moreover, Goldwater's attorneys point out, the federal health care law has been written in such a way to keep the unelected board members permanently entrenched.

  • Clint Bolick and the Goldwater Institute Quietly Transforming the Country

    Posted on October 03, 2012 | Type: In the News

    While national political campaigns and politicians are regularly featured in the news for their accomplishments on the right, one small state-based think tank is quietly grinding away victory after victory. The Goldwater Institute was already a leading state-based think tank when libertarian lawyer Clint Bolick came on board five years ago to launch a litigation division. Since then, Bolick has greatly expanded the reach of the right-leaning think tank, filing lawsuits against all levels of government to protect taxpayers and businesses from government overreach. Bolick's favorite line, which he says with a grin, is, “I get paid to sue government bureaucrats.”

  • WSJ: How Public Unions Exploit the Ruse of 'Official Time'

    Posted on October 01, 2012 | Type: In the News

    Imagine thousands of government employees reporting to work each morning at their government offices and then doing no government work. Instead, they work as paid political operatives for powerful government unions.

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