Government Spending

No government has ever spent its way to prosperity. Our proposals help governments be fiscally responsible so citizens can be prosperous.

<p>No government has ever spent its way to prosperity. Our proposals help governments be fiscally responsible so citizens can be prosperous.</p>

Last year, the Goldwater Institute reviewed decades of empirical evidence, which showed the bigger the district, the bigger the bloat. Moreover, Arizona's best smaller districts averaging around 300 students, along with the best medium-size districts, averaging around 2,400 students, consistently spent as little or less than the state's largest districts, averaging over 34,000 students.

One would think that a state that increased its budget last year by 14 percent and has a budget deficit of nearly a half billion dollars would think twice before lecturing others on belt-tightening.

Street construction starts tomorrow on Valley Metro's $1.3 billion light-rail system. Supporters of light rail claim that the project will help ease congestion on the Valley's roads, citing the alleged success of light rail in other cities.

Proponents of light rail assert that similar systems have benefited cities such as Portland and San Diego. But careful analysis indicates that light rail systems have failed to yield even marginal returns on those cities' investments.

According to an audit of the state Department of Economic Security, the state has overpaid jobless benefits by $85 million. As the East Valley Tribune reports, "nearly one dollar of every five paid out in state jobless benefits was given in error."

The federal government has formally committed to provide $587 million for an initial 20-mile light rail line between Phoenix and Mesa, the Arizona Republic reports. Valley Metro Rail chief executive Rick Simonetta said of the Federal Transit Administration's contribution to the estimated $1.3 billion project, "this is the ultimate expression of confidence from the FTA."

The Goldwater Institute's Starlee Rhoades appeared on Lunchcast with State Senator Kyrsten Sinema to answer the question: Are we in a double-dip recession?

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Goldwater Institute economist Stephen Slivinski joined Sen. Ron Gould to talk about Arizona's economic situation, including job growth, the Commerce Authority, and Arizona's tax system.

PHOENIX – A statistical comparison of all 50 states reveals that legislatures filled with everyday people instead of career politicians are more likely to protect freedom by keeping taxes low and limiting the growth of government.

Imagine a country in which the right to a welfare check is vigorously protected — but where the government can destroy legitimate businesses and professions with impunity.

Is it China? Russia? Cuba? A socialist utopia dreamed up by the likes of George Orwell?

PHOENIX – Suburban Glendale is less a community with professional sports facilities than a sports enterprise with a community held hostage to previous improvident decisions. Now Glendale’s government may multiply its follies — unless Arizona’s constitution saves the city from itself.