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No government has ever spent its way to prosperity. Our proposals help governments be fiscally responsible so citizens can be prosperous.

<p>No government has ever spent its way to prosperity. Our proposals help governments be fiscally responsible so citizens can be prosperous.</p>

Sam Coppersmith concluded his analysis of Austin Hills health insurance difficulties on these pages by asserting that the Americans most satisfied with health coverage are those on Big-Government-Run Medicare. Government works better the sub-headline assured us.

So folks like getting free stuff from government better than paying for it themselves? Amazing. On the other hand, Medicare isnt quite the panacea left-wingers like to depict.

City overlooks fully staffed 250 person legal department, contracts out legal work

Phoenix—The City of Phoenix has paid more than $100,000 to attorneys from the law firm of Fennemore Craig to defend the City in a legal challenge filed by the Goldwater Institute. This taxpayer-funded legal counsel supplements the City of Phoenix's Law Department of 250 full-time attorneys and support staff.

The CityNorth project in northeast Phoenix "topped out" on its first phase of construction late last week, and the Goldwater Institute "celebrated" by releasing two studies questioning a nearly $100 million subsidy Phoenix gave to the development.

CityNorth is being built in the Desert Ridge area north of Loop 101 between Desert Ridge Marketplace and 56th Street.

Mark Twain once quipped, No mans life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session. That is often true, but as the lawmaking branch of government, the legislature also has a great capacity to protect life, liberty, and property.

Cactuses aren't the only things being cultivated by the arid Arizona temperatures. State deficits are growing at an alarming rate as mismanagement of the states income and imminent plans for expansion of government programs are creating a hot and humid environment for Arizona legislators. The heat is on, but fortunately for residents, the Goldwater Institute is determined to hold state officials feet to the fire by highlighting the gross mismanagement of state finances and proposing alternative budget policies that would address the mounting fiscal concerns.

Gov. Janet Napolitano is considering a push toward a universal health insurance system, but may retreat from such plans because of the state's budget crunch and opposition to the government paying for health care for the middle class.

Napolitano is considering plans that would raise income thresholds to allow more working- and middle-class uninsured to qualify for the government-run Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System and KidsCare programs.

Gov. Janet Napolitano is right that it is time to fix this year's state budget. She's proposing the wrong fix, however.

In economics, the pessimists are always ultimately right, at least momentarily. And with respect to state revenues, this appears to be their moment.

After several years of running substantially ahead of forecasts, state revenues are now lagging behind. As a result, there is already a $326 million hole in this year's budget, for a fiscal year that only began in July.

Darcy Olsen discusses the CityNorth subidy and the Goldwater Institute lawsuit to stop it, as well as other issues on Sunday Square Off.

Watch it here.

Some say it's a good thing; others call it a cash drain

The debate over Social Security reform is over for now. A totally predictable train wreck is coming, but we made the decision to just hope something will work out. Responsible decision-making was left for another day.