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We made sure asking for public information wasn’t a crime by successfully defending moms who were being sued by their school district for requesting school records.

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  • Education Reform

    Too often, the traditional public-school model fails students and teachers. Charter schools, scholarship tax credits, and merit pay are giving students a better education and teachers a better career.

  • Healthcare Freedom

    The problems in healthcare are not a result of too little government, but too much government. Rather than mandating one-size fits all coverage, the focus should be on increasing the choices available to individuals.

  • Tax Reform

    Americans are a hard-working bunch and should keep what they earn. Our ideas for tax reform reduce the burden of taxes while ensuring governments have the resources to focus on core responsibilities.

  • Campaign Finance & Election

    Campaigns should be open and free, not prone to manipulation through government financing schemes. And now the U.S. Supreme Court agrees.

  • Government Spending

    No government has ever spent its way to prosperity. Our proposals help governments be fiscally responsible so citizens can be prosperous.

  • Constitutional Rights

    Government can be freedom’s best friend when it protects citizens’ constitutional rights. Here’s how the Goldwater Institute is ensuring your rights are protected.

  • Property Rights

    Your home is your castle—unless the government thinks it should be a shopping center. Learn how citizens and local governments can protect homes and businesses from government takeovers.

  • Issues & Cases

    School children, taxpayers, entrepreneurs—government laws and regulations affect us all. Learn more about the issues and cases that matter to you here.

  • State Powers

    The states are powerful enough to stand up to the federal government when it violates citizens’ rights. Learn how we can better leverage the power of states.

  • City & Local Reform

    It turns out that you can fight town hall. Here’s how we’re standing up for local citizens and winning.

  • Free Speech

    Sure, talk is cheap. But the right to talk is priceless. Here’s what Goldwater is doing to defend that right.

  • Business & Job Creation

    Businesses need a friendly and fair business environment so they can compete, innovate, and create jobs. We’re keeping politicians from playing favorites by offering special deals and tax breaks to the favored few.

  • Government Accountability

    Back-room deals and closed doors are not the stuff of free governments. Our work is making governments more transparent and accountable to citizens.

  • Workplace Freedom

    When it comes to unionizing, workers should be free of intimidation. The Goldwater Institute’s Save Our Secret Ballot effort is ensuring workers have anonymous ballots in union votes.

  • Government Red Tape

    Whether it’s layers of licensing requirements or endless red tape, government rules and regulations can stifle business. Learn how we can free up entrepreneurs.

Will U.S. Supreme Court Hear Challenge to Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board?

Phoenix—Today the Goldwater Institute filed a legal petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its challenge to the Independent Payment Advisory Board created by the Affordable Care Act. The Independent Payment Advisory Board is a 15-member board created to set reimbursement rates for Medicare and to determine which procedures, treatments and drugs will and will not be covered by the government programs that pay for the medical treatment of more than 48 million Americans. Independent Payment Advisory Board decisions cannot be challenged in court and the Board itself cannot be repealed except for during a short window in 2017.


As the result of litigation brought by the Goldwater Institute in the Wright v. Stanton case, the unlawful practice of pension spiking among public safety workers, which had been entrenched in Phoenix for over 25 years, ended on July 1, 2014, when the City removed unlawful pension spiking provisions from their contracts with government unions.


Lawyers will face off this afternoon in Leon County Circuit Court in Tallahassee to determine the fate of Florida’s Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts, which allow severely disabled schoolchildren who leave public schools to use their state funds for a wide array of educational purposes.