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The Goldwater Institute has gathered the best research and key explanations about implementing principled, conservative solutions to challenges facing the states.

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Restoring the Constitution through an Amendments Convention

How the states can use Article V of the U.S. Constitution to compel Congress to call an amendments convention.

The Facts and Law on Article V

A point-by-point rebuttal of criticisms against states using the Article V amendments convention power.

What is an Interstate Compact?

Key questions – and answers -- about the Interstate Health Care Freedom Compact.

Interstate Compact Research Memo

The constitutionality of the Interstate Health Care Freedom Compact.

Explaining Interstate Compacts

Key advocacy points for interstate compacts, such as the Interstate Health Care Freedom Compact.

Constitutional Defense Councils

An overview of these state agencies, which review the constitutionality of federal laws and authorize legal challenges to unconstitutional federal laws.

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