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Thinking Economically is a 10-part series produced by the Texas Public Policy Foundation designed to provide a basic economic education for policymakers, the media, and the general public. In this way, the Thinking Economically series highlights the intersection of economics and public policy, and the importance of "thinking economically" when making policy decisions. This project has been made possible with the assistance of Dr. Art Laffer.

Lesson 1 --   The Immutability of Economic Laws

Lesson 2 --   The Value of Things

Lesson 3 --   Free Market Institutions

Lesson 4 --   The Condition of Our Nation -- The Press is Always Wrong

Lesson 5 --   Money Makes the World Go 'Round, and the FED Makes Money

Lesson 6 --   You Ain't Got the Frills if You Ain't Got the Skills

Lesson 7 --   What Makes a State Competitive?

Lesson 8 --   Entrepreneurs versus Regulators -- Government Intervention

Lesson 9 --   When You're Right, Well, You're Right

Lesson 10 -- Market Failure or Market Opportunity?

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