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Mark Flatten

Business Owner Flees AZ because of Prop 208 Income Tax Hike

Matt Boyle had big plans to grow his business in Arizona. Not anymore. The steep tax hike voters approved when..

Biden’s Executive Order Shows Big Labor—Not Taxpayers—Is the Priority

January 26, 2021By Mark Flatten Top officials at federal employee unions will be able to go back to working full-time..

Government Reform
Taxpayers Lose and Unions Win in “Labor Peace” Bargains

Union release time is supposed to bring “labor peace” to the states, cities, and school districts that pay union officials..

Government Reform
What Do These Government Workers Do All Day?

It’s hard to know what Michael Imondi, the president of the police union in Providence, Rhode Island, does all day...

Government Reform
Taxpayers Spend Millions to Support Private Unions. But Who Knows How Much?

October 27, 2020 Mark FlattenNational Investigative JournalistThe Goldwater Institute Read the first report in this series, Money for Nothing. Taxpayers across..

Jobs & Economy
A Respected Psychologist Wins Her Freedom to Work in Arizona

August 24, 2020By Mark Flatten Nineteen wildland firefighters were dead, burned alive when the flames washed over them near Yarnell..

Jobs & Economy
Breaking Down Barriers to Work Was Part of This Builder’s Plan

August 17, 2020By Mark Flatten Tuan Nguyen is looking to grow his California business into the state of Arizona. The..

Jobs & Economy
An Occupational Therapist’s Rough Road to a License

August 10, 2020By Mark Flatten Wildfires drove Rachel Haverkos out of California. A new law is helping her go to..

Jobs & Economy
He Designed Billion-Dollar Buildings, but the Government Wouldn’t Let Him Work

July 27, 2020By Mark Flatten Erskine Gosling is about the last person who should have trouble getting his license as..

Jobs & Economy
An Arizona Acupuncturist Overcomes Barriers to Work

July 20, 2020By Mark Flatten Julie Baron knows about the paperwork and delays involved in getting licensed as an acupuncturist..

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