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Matt Beienburg

Refuting the New (Even Less Convincing) Scare Tactics Against ESAs in Arizona

First, the left told us that school choice would decimate the funding of public education. But then, Arizona passed the..

Time to End the Manufactured Shortages in K-12 Education

This article was originally posted by Discourse Magazine for National School Choice Week. Artificial scarcity is keeping students and families..

Iowa Secures School Choice, Tees Up Academic Transparency

Last year, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called on state lawmakers to give families more options in education and to establish..

AZ’s Governor Wants to Rip Away Funding from 30,000 Students

Here’s the bad news: Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs wants to rip funding away from tens of thousands of families seeking..

A Big Win for the Entrepreneurial Educator

As the new Arizona ESA program makes clear, school choice can benefit not just students, but also effective educators who..

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Goldwater Teams Up with NAS to Tackle Politicized Teacher Training

America’s students deserve access to great teachers, and those teachers deserve a clear and direct path into the classroom—one free..

Arizona’s Universal Education Savings Accounts Are a Win for All Students

Arizona students are finally free to pursue the best education of their choice, regardless of their family’s zip code, background..

Arizona Offers Blueprint for Parental Empowerment

The reverberations are echoing across Arizona, and across the whole nation – the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office announced last week that..

AZ Wins Silver for Education Freedom, Must Go for Gold

Arizona scored an impressive silver medal this past week, landing the #2 spot out of all 50 states on the..

Arizona’s Universal ESAs: 10 Facts You Need to Know:

Over the past two years, government-imposed school closures, mass quarantines, and draconian mandates unleashed unprecedented generational harm upon American public..

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