Keeping Radical Politics Out of the Classroom

Van Sittert Center for Constitutional Advocacy,
Goldwater Institute

What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) and similarly divisive political ideologies have descended upon our institutions, our schools, and our children, setting them against each other and shaming them on the basis of race.

Perhaps worse, politicians in Washington D.C. and leaders of the education establishment are not only actively pushing such ideas in classroom instruction, they are also demanding a return to state-sanctioned racial discrimination in our public schools and institutions under the banners of more agreeable sounding slogans like ‘anti-racism’ and ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion.’ In many cases, they’re now even masking these ideologies in broader, more neutral sounding initiatives such as social emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and others.

Such efforts must be stopped. In their place, America’s constitutional principles must be restored and the rights of parents defended.

To that end, the Goldwater Institute is leading the defense of the constitution and parents’ rights through two related initiatives:

  1. Stopping CRT and racial discrimination, and;
  2. Promoting academic transparency to bring sunlight to our K-12 schools

Stay informed on the fight to stop radical politics in schools:


Teacher Blows the Whistle on Critical Race Theory in California Schools

During the 2020 fall semester, Kali Fontanilla—a high school English language teacher working in the Salinas, California, school district—noticed that many of her students were failing one of their other classes: ethnic studies. This was at the height of the pandemic, and instruction was entirely online, leaving many students in the lurch. Still, Fontanilla thought it was odd to see so many Fs.

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