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Goldwater Responds to the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on businesses and their employees, and a once-surging economy is now stopped in its tracks. The Goldwater Institute has a plan that will help businesses and create jobs by restraining government — not growing it.

Protect our future economy and home-based businesses from government overreach

Major advances in technology have empowered entrepreneurs to start businesses from their home and realize their dreams of self-employment. Unfortunately, cities and counties throughout the country are applying outmoded regulations to these home-based businesses, stifling flexibility and economic opportunity. We will protect our future economy and home-based businesses from government overreach and regulation by advocating for the passage of our Home-Based Business Fairness Act, which modernizes outmoded approaches to regulating home-based businesses in favor of a common-sense approach.

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In ordinary times, businesses fear the unpredictable vagaries of government policy, especially when it comes to taxation. Now, with the massive government spending to cope with Coronavirus — combined with the giant hole that’s been blown in state and local government budgets — businesses are confronting an even more unpredictable future. The Goldwater Institute will advocate for a fair, flat, and predictable tax system in order to create an environment where businesses can flourish, lifting America’s workers with them.

Litigate against government overreach, restraints on entrepreneurship, and unconstitutional cronyism

The Goldwater Institute’s team of litigators have won victories in the Supreme Court, the federal district court, and state courts on issues including protecting individuals’ right to earn a living, blocking corporate subsidies, defending corporate free speech, and preventing public sector employees from doing union work at taxpayers’ expense. We stand strongly against cronyism and will ensure that political favoritism doesn’t guide relief spending and that government doesn’t use this crisis to pick winners and losers. And with our American Freedom Network, we have assembled a team of 320 attorneys in all 50 states who volunteer their time to support Goldwater litigation that defends constitutional freedoms. We will continue our work in defense of entrepreneurs and workers as they recover from this crisis.

Economists are warning that the coronavirus lockdown could result in nearly one out of every three Americans losing their jobs. Adding insult to injury, local, state, and federal government policies will make it even harder for workers to earn a living when America tries to get back on its feet. The Goldwater Institute has a long history of defending the right to earn a living, and we’re ready to lead a national effort to ensure Americans can get back to work as soon as they are able.

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Give licensed professionals the freedom to work

A worker who holds a professional license in one state and then moves to another is forced to go through the government permitting process all over again—a costly, time-consuming, and irrational barrier to work. The Goldwater Institute’s Breaking Down Barriers to Work Act eliminates the duplicative licensing requirement, empowering people to get to work. In the last year, six states have enacted a version of our reform, and it has been introduced in 20 others.

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Make it harder for the government to deny occupational licenses

The Goldwater Institute’s Right to Earn A Living Act imposes restraints on the government’s power to regulate professions. It ensures that government can only impose professional licensing requirements if it can prove the regulations are necessary to protect public health or safety. Arizona and Tennessee have enacted the law, and several others are considering the measure.

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Bring fairness to the government permitting process

Increasingly, the government is in a powerful position to impose restrictions on citizens and to demand things from them in exchange for the freedom to act. That power could become even more pernicious as government regulates in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. The Goldwater Institute’s Permit Freedom Act protects citizens against abuse whenever government imposes any kind of permit requirement on citizens by giving individuals key procedural protections. With America in the throes of a shutdown, these reforms are even more relevant today. 

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