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As Washington continues to debate our healthcare system nationwide, there are reforms that can be enacted today to improve access to care without expanding the federal government’s reach. The Goldwater Institute is working to expand patient choice, access, and affordability by crafting, promoting, and defending state policies that protect healthcare freedom and the right to make one’s own  medical choices.

More About Our Healthcare Work

Giving Patients Hope

Patients in need of lifesaving treatment cannot seek out the the latest in cutting-edge treatments because of government red tape. Goldwater’s Right to Try for Individualized Treatments (Right to Try 2.0) gives them new hope. Learn more about it here.

Modernizing Healthcare

Lifesaving treatments are on the horizon—but they’re tied up in mounds of red tape. The U.S. government and the 50 states must make reforms to get these treatments quickly to Americans who need them most. Read about the Goldwater Institute’s plan to put patients first and unleash innovation in American healthcare.

Ensuring Truth in Medicine

The federal government routinely censors the communication of valuable and truthful information that could help save people’s lives. Yet it does just that—and government promises to change this approach may be proving hollow. Read about our plan to ensure truth in medicine.

More Issues

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    Whether it’s a home or a business, the right to own property is a basic part of what it means..

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  • Free Speech

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  • Healthcare

    As Washington continues to debate our healthcare system nationwide, there are reforms that can be enacted today to improve access..

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  • Education

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  • Academic Transparency

    Van Sittert Center for Constitutional Advocacy, Goldwater Institute

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Property Rights

Goldwater is protecting a cornerstone of Americans’ liberty: the right to own and use their property as they see fit.

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Jobs & Economy

When government stands in the way of people who just want to pursue their career, Goldwater breaks down barriers to work.

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Free Speech

Free speech is under attack in America. But Goldwater is leading the fight to protect Americans’ right to speak their minds.

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Goldwater is unleashing innovation in healthcare, fighting to protect and expand patient choice, access, and affordability.

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Constitutional Rights

Anytime government threatens to trample the U.S. Constitution, Goldwater is ready to go to court to defend our rights.

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Limited Government

Goldwater takes down cronyism, sweetheart deals, and government overreach so Americans are treated fairly and equally.

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Goldwater is expanding school choice nationwide so families can get their children the education they deserve.

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Academic Transparency

Parents have a right to know what's being taught in the classroom, and we're defending that right.

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