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Week in Review: Supreme Court Decides

Freedom was on the docket at the U.S. Supreme Court this year, and liberty prevailed. “The Supreme Court struck a..

Municipal Malfeasance

From imposing burdensome business mandates to pouring hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into a homelessness crisis that’s only gotten..

Constitutional Rights
WATCH: Liberty Prevails in Historic Rulings – 2024 U.S. Supreme Court Rundown

Following the Supreme Court’s latest blockbuster session, Goldwater attorneys and constitutional experts discussed how the court’s decisions are a triumph..

Victory for Rare Disease Patients: North Carolina Expands the Right to Try

In a life-changing victory for patients with rare and ultra-rare diseases, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper yesterday signed the Goldwater..

Week in Review: Fireworks, Freedom, and…?

Flashes of red, white, and blue lighting up the summer night. The smell of poolside barbecues. This Independence Day weekend,..

Constitutional Rights
Fireworks, Freedom, and A Is for the American Dream

As fireworks illuminate the summer night sky and the smell of poolside barbecues wafts through neighborhoods, Americans will take much..

Constitutional Rights
5 Ways to Fight Local Government Overreach

The Goldwater Institute last week defeated illegal “prevailing wage” mandates in Phoenix and Tucson—meaning Arizonans will be free to work..

Constitutional Rights
Supreme Court Sides with Goldwater: Social Media Companies Have Free Speech Rights, Too

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning ordered further trial court proceedings in the NetChoice case—actually a pair of cases from..

Constitutional Rights
Supreme Court Strikes Down Administrative State Tyranny

The U.S. Supreme Court took an important step in defense of both democracy and freedom on Friday when it overruled..

Constitutional Rights
A Warning to Governments in Lone Star State: Public Funds are for Public Purposes

In a crucial win for taxpayers in the Lone Star State—and throughout the country—the Texas Supreme Court issued a decision..

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