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Week in Review: Parent-Free Zone

Closed to the public—parents not welcome. That’s the message the South Kingstown school district sent Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas..

Arizonans Deserve to Know How the $740 Billion ‘Climate Bill’ Will Threaten Prescription Drug Access and Affordability

Dubbed a “climate” bill and officially named the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022,” congressional Democrats’ $740 billion reconciliation package is..

Education Savings Accounts Empower Families When Public Schools Fail Them

“What happens when a little kid can’t say his name or his teacher’s name?” asked Kelly Pichitino, mother of a..

Rhode Island Mom Sues School District Over Secret Meetings

Closed to the public—parents not welcome. That’s the message the South Kingstown School Committee sent Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas..

How Right to Try Tore Up the Government Permission Slip & Put Patients First

It’s a revolutionary reform born out of an appalling reality: Dying Americans are routinely blocked from potentially lifesaving treatments unless..

Where Did the Cash Go? The Rye School District Won’t Say.

Americans have a right to know what their government is up to, whether they’re parents trying to find out what’s..

In Your Heart You Know to VOTE GOLDWATER

It’s not 1964, it’s 2022—but we need you to vote Goldwater! When California teacher Kali Fontanilla discovered her public school..

Constitutional Rights
Pushing Back Against a Permission Society

The Supreme Court last month struck down a New York law requiring people to prove to government bureaucrats that they had a..

Week In Review: Funding Flood Fiasco

It was an “unfathomable institutional failure.” As featured on Fox News, the Goldwater Institute has uncovered the failure of the..

Is the FDA Making the Pandemic Worse for the Most Vulnerable?

We are now in the middle of our third COVID summer and our sixth wave of rising cases and hospitalizations...

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