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Georgia Supreme Court Reaffirms Right to Earn a Living

The Georgia Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling today striking down an absurd state law that prohibited people from earning..

Constitutional Rights
Florida School Hides Child’s ‘Gender Transition’—Goldwater Stands Up for Parents

A Florida mom and dad were shocked to find out that officials at their 13-year-old daughter’s middle school had secretly..

Arizona ESAs Are Set to Fund a Lot More Students for a Lot Less Money

Do you think that providing more funding for students at a lower cost to taxpayers is a win-win? Then you..

Ditch This Jim Crow-Era Mandate That Hurts Minorities Most

Congress passed a “prevailing wage” law in 1931 specifically intended to favor white workers and white-only labor unions over nonunionized..

Texas Decimates DEI Bureaucracy, Advances Goldwater-Backed Reforms

Texas just delivered a massive victory over the left’s radical race-based “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) apparatus in higher education..

New ‘Reparations Math’ Is Coming to a Public School Near You

Sure, only a third of American eighth graders are “proficient” in reading, just a quarter in math, and barely one..

Constitutional Rights
Outrageous! Taxpayers Will Pay Randi Weingarten a Pension Because of Government’s Special Deals with Unions

New York taxpayers are on the hook to pay government pension benefits for teachers union boss Randi Weingarten — one..

Right to Try Turns Five. It’s Saving Lives Today.

A young Navy pilot’s life was hanging in the balance. But then, his future changed for the better, all because..

Goldwater Honors America’s Military Families with the Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act

Each year, Memorial Day provides an opportunity to demonstrate the nation’s deep and enduring appreciation for the countless American patriots..

Week in Review: Honor the Heroes

Here’s how we can honor America’s fallen heroes, Goldwater Institute Vice President for Litigation Jon Riches, a Commander in the..

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