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Social Media Companies Have Free Speech Rights, Too

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a pair of cases challenging laws in Texas and Florida that sharply..

Week in Review: Keeping Secrets?

When a high schooler in Pennsylvania formed a chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA at her public school,..

Constitutional Rights
Why Are Arizona Cities Taking Tips from Portland on Homelessness?

When you want to get something done right, you probably shouldn’t be taking tips from the people who did it..

What Are They Saying Behind My Daughter’s Back? PA Mom Wins Battle to Find Out

Are public school officials lobbing false accusations at a student behind closed doors—all because the child is a conservative? When..

Constitutional Limits
Goldwater Asks Texas Supreme Court to Protect Constitutional Rights of Lone Star Taxpayers

Goldwater Institute lawyers were in the Texas Supreme Court this morning to argue against the constitutionality of public sector labor..

Constitutional Limits
Texas Supreme Court to Hear Case on Public Sector Unions Receiving Tax Dollars

AUSTIN – The Supreme Court of Texas is set to hear oral arguments Wednesday morning on public sector labor unions’..

Don’t Penalize Smokers for Trying to Quit

A new tobacco product that’s 90% safer or greater than smoking cigarettes can help countless Arizonans quit. But unless Arizona..

Week In Review: Christian University Targeted

The Biden Administration is attacking the nation’s most successful private Christian college with a $37 million fine—and they’re refusing to..

Constitutional Rights
Why Is Biden Admin Targeting Grand Canyon University? We’re Suing to Find Out.

Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix is a successful private Christian university that has provided innovative solutions to many vexing..

Constitutional Rights
Frederick Douglass Knew That Liberty Means the Freedom of Self-Responsibility

Today is the day that abolitionist and statesman Frederick Douglass chose to celebrate as his birthday. Those born into slavery,..

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