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Free Speech

The First Amendment guarantees our freedoms of speech and association, which allow us to learn new ideas, share knowledge, and join with others in speaking out against government that threatens our liberty. Although often overlooked, state constitutions also protect speech⎯and they do so more broadly than the U.S. Constitution. Today, free speech is under attack as speakers are silenced on college campuses, as government threatens the privacy of donors to non-profit organizations, and as Americans are compelled to speak against their will in order to practice their professions. The Goldwater Institute is taking action all across the country, wherever the front in this war against the First Amendment is being waged, by establishing new legal protections for free speech and vindicating existing rights in court.

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Restoring free speech on campus

Surveys show that student support for restrictive speech codes and speaker bans is at historic heights. Violent protests have shut down speakers on campuses across the country, and administrators are refusing to protect speakers’ and students’ First Amendment rights. Our nation’s precious tradition of freedom of speech is increasingly imperiled in universities and in society at large. Read about Goldwater’s plan to restore free speech on campus.

Protecting Donor Privacy

Nonprofit groups have the right to advocate for issues that are important to them without risking the privacy of their donors. But state and local governments – such as Santa Fe, Denver, and Tempe, Arizona – are increasingly forcing these groups to turn their donor lists over to the government whenever they communicate with voters about local ballot initiatives. Read about Goldwater’s work to defend donor privacy.

Preventing Compelled Speech

Government is increasingly violating the critical democratic right to speak out on political matters, by forcing people to engage in speech against their will. We’re in court in states across the country to fight back against laws that force people to contribute to political groups they disagree with. Read more about our work.

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Property Rights

Goldwater is protecting a cornerstone of Americans’ liberty: the right to own and use their property as they see fit.

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Jobs & Economy

When government stands in the way of people who just want to pursue their career, Goldwater breaks down barriers to work.

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Free Speech

Free speech is under attack in America. But Goldwater is leading the fight to protect Americans’ right to speak their minds.

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Goldwater is unleashing innovation in healthcare, fighting to protect and expand patient choice, access, and affordability.

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Constitutional Rights

Anytime government threatens to trample the U.S. Constitution, Goldwater is ready to go to court to defend our rights.

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Limited Government

Goldwater takes down cronyism, sweetheart deals, and government overreach so Americans are treated fairly and equally.

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Goldwater is expanding school choice nationwide so families can get their children the education they deserve.

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Academic Transparency

Parents have a right to know what's being taught in the classroom, and we're defending that right.

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