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In Your Heart You Know to VOTE GOLDWATER

August 2, 2022
by author

It’s not 1964, it’s 2022—but we need you to vote Goldwater! When California teacher Kali Fontanilla discovered her public school was indoctrinating students with the lies of Critical Race Theory, she boldly blew the whistle in an exclusive Goldwater Institute video. Now, the State Policy Network has selected that video as a Powerful Storytelling Finalist. But we need your help to win!

We’re proud and honored to have been nominated for this prestigious award. But we need loyal supporters like YOU to vote for Goldwater here or by clicking the image below.


If you need some more convincing, click the PLAY button below to watch Kali’s video.


Now you see… It took a lot of bravery for Kali to expose the teaching of CRT in her own school. “If you’re wondering whether Critical Race Theory is a good thing for our country, try speaking out against it and see how people treat you. For me, that was when the real racism started,” Kali says. But her courage made a HUGE difference, drawing nationwide attention to the woke indoctrination that’s infiltrated our schools and helping establish Goldwater’s Academic Transparency Act as the national standard.

Click “VOTE GOLDWATER” below to CAST YOUR VOTE for Goldwater! You can find our name under the section titled: “Pick your choice for 2022’s Powerful Storytelling Award.” But hurry… Voting closes on Friday, August 5, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Thank you, sincerely, for your support! Vote Goldwater! You know in your heart you want us to win.



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