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Want a thriving economy? The Goldwater Institute knows that best business climate is one where low taxes and minimal regulation benefit all employers – not one where subsidies and special tax breaks offer an advantage to a chosen few. When a government agency can decide which businesses to favor, it opens the door for the misguided pursuit of investment fads or, at worst, the potential for corruption and abuse. Our research offers sound policies for government, and we’re not afraid to fight when we see bad ideas that put taxpayers at risk.

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  • Entrepreneurship Is a Key to Poverty Reduction

    Posted on November 13, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Stephen Slivinski

    During the economic boom of the 2000s, the poverty rate – the percentage of the state population that lives under the federal poverty line – went down in many states. That’s not too surprising – a rising economic tide will usually lift all boats.

  • Increasing Entrepreneurship is a Key to Lowering Poverty Rates

    Posted on November 13, 2012 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Stephen Slivinski

    During the economic boom of the 2000s, poverty rates declined in many states. Yet some states were more effective at getting the poverty rate down than others. While there has been much analysis of why some states are more successful than others, what’s been missing is a discussion of the role of entrepreneurs in the process. This paper suggests that economic freedom and entrepreneurship are keys to escaping poverty for many.

  • How Arizona Can Become the Oakland A's of the States

    Posted on November 06, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Byron Schlomach

    In the book Moneyball, Michael Lewis describes how the Oakland A’s manager assembled a competitive team on a budget by ignoring expensive heavy hitters and rocket-armed pitchers. Instead, he looked at very basic things in inexpensive players like on-base percentages and ground-out rates. The Oakland A’s went on to win two-thirds of their games in 2001. This approach could be instructive to policymakers considering how to set a state up for future success.

  • Mesa loses - again

    Posted on September 11, 2012 | Type: In the News

    For at least 43 years, personal adornment has been deemed constitutionally protected free speech. It goes back to when the U.S. Supreme Court concluded you could wear a black armband to school to protest the Vietnam War and the principal couldn't stop you.

  • Licensing Hurts

    Posted on September 11, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Byron Schlomach

    After Hurricane Isaac blew through Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal temporarily suspended licensing rules to allow EMTs to travel from other states and care for Louisianans. Similarly, after hurricanes ravaged Florida in 2004, then-Gov. Jeb Bush sought to ease licensing rules for roofers.

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