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We gave millions of children access to a better education through common-sense reforms that expand charter schools, grade schools on student achievement, and put more qualified teachers in the classroom through alternative certification.

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Keeping Government Open and Freedoms Intact.

Federalism DIY

The federal government is tightening its control over the 50 states and the lives of every American. The U.S. Constitution, however, says states are supposed to be equal partners with the federal government. State sovereignty—allowing each state to control its own affairs—is the cornerstone of that equal partnership and critical to protecting Americans' freedom.

Education Savings Accounts

Education Savings Accounts enable parents to customize how their children learn, using education funds for a broad range of services that might include a mix of private school or home school instruction, tutoring, and specialists to deal with individual emotional, physical or behavioral issues.

Do Customers Need Protection from Out of State Wine?

Congress is considering a bill, H.R. 1161, which would allow states to restore protectionist trade barriers against wine grown outside their state line. Not only would this bill hurt Arizona’s budding wine industry, it would reduce wine choices to consumers all across America.