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Right to Try
National “Right To Try” Website Launches; Patients Asked to Share Their Stories Goldwater Institute

Today the Goldwater Institute launched, the official website of the national movement to adopt Right To Try laws in all 50 states.

Right to Try
Goldwater Institute Teams up with Indiana Mom on Petition to ask FDA to Support Right To Try

Indianapolis—Jordan McLinn will turn six tomorrow and his mom has one birthday wish: to watch him grow up to be the firefighter he dreams of being. Jordan has a deadly form of muscular dystrophy called Duchenne, which will leave him wheelchair-bound within a few years and shortens his life expectancy to just 20-years-old.

Affordable Care Act
Arizona Supreme Court Permits Challenge to Medicaid Expansion to Be Heard

Phoenix (12/31/2014)—Today the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that state lawmakers have legal standing to challenge the hospital provider tax that..

Education Spending
Florida Judge Dismisses Attack on New Program for Special Needs Students

Tallahassee, Fla. (12/20/2014)—Today, Leon County Judge Charles A. Francis dismissed for a second time a lawsuit challenging an array of..

Subsidies/ Corporate Welfare
City, Police Union Sued By Taxpayers

Calling it an unconstitutional giveaway that harms taxpayers and takes police resources off the streets, two Phoenix residents today filed suit against the City of Phoenix and the city’s largest police union, seeking to end the widespread practice of allowing public-sector employees to do union work while on the city payroll.

0-Related Reforms
Arizona Supreme Court Denies School District’s Appeal

Upholding a decision that protects taxpayers from being abused by school districts misusing bond money, the Arizona Supreme Court affirmed a Court of Appeals ruling Wednesday by denying the Cave Creek Unified School District’s appeal in an ongoing legal fight between the Goldwater Institute and the district.

Response to Andy Gordon’s Memorandum Regarding the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act

Andy Gordon of Coppersmith Gordon Schermer & Brockelman has distributed a brief memorandum arguing that Proposition 101, the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, will disrupt aspects of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) in various ways. The memorandum is completely bereft of legal analysis, indulges in unsupportable speculation, and distorts the plain language and meaning of the initiative.

State Budget Deficit So Big Governor Asks for Public’s Help

Goldwater Institute responds with 100 Ideas for 100 Days

Solving Arizona’s Health Care Crisis

Goldwater Institute report offers a dozen ideas to lower costs and empower patients

Goldwater Institute Files U.S. Supreme Court Brief Challenging Voting Rights Act

Institute Seeks to Vindicate Color-blind Government and Federalism

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