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Diane Cohen

Top Medicare official predicts federal reform will hurt health care

In an extraordinary move, an expert in President Obama’s administration has challenged the federal health care law’s mandate to arbitrarily reduce funding for Medicare under as “unsustainable,” “unworkable,”

Affordable Care Act
New health care law forces affirmative action on medical schools

President Barack Obama’s new health care law doesn’t just radically transform our nation’s medical system; it contains provisions that require discrimination on the basis of race.

Affordable Care Act
Health care bill creates “Obamacare University”

The program is unassumingly titled the “United States Public Health Sciences Track,” and it’s among the many items hidden inside the massive, 2,000-page health care reform package adopted earlier this year. But it is anything but innocent. Instead, it is a first-of-its kind, federally funded and federally administered civilian medical school that grants advanced degrees (post-graduate, post-doctoral and technology) in medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy, among others.

Affordable Care Act
Diane Cohen discusses the Goldwater Institute’s request for an injunction against the federal health care bill

Goldwater Institute attorney Diane Cohen appeared on KFNX's "Hair on Fire" show to discuss the Goldwater Institute's request for a preliminary injunction against a portion of the federal health care bill.

Congress won’t rein in new federal agency with unconstitutional powers over health care

A new Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives fulfilled a campaign promise when it voted 245-189 late Wednesday to repeal President Obama’s health care reform law. But Democrats who still control the U.S. Senate have pledged to prevent the repeal from moving any further.

Affordable Care Act
Diane Cohen talks about the lawsuit against the federal health care law on Liberty Watch Radio

The Goldwater Institute's Diane Cohen joined Liberty Watch Radio to discuss the Goldwater Institute's lawsuit challenging the federal health care bill.

Affordable Care Act
Obamacare: It Isn’t Good Enough for the Goose . . .

One year ago, President Obama signed “Obamacare” into law, the greatest expansion of federal involvement in medicine since the creation of Medicaid and Medicare and one of the greatest intrusions into individual liberty our country has seen. A majority of Americans opposed it when it passed and a year later a majority of Americans want it repealed.

States must “Just Say No” to federal health insurance exchanges

The federal health care law gives states an option: Either establish insurance exchanges by January 1, 2014, or the Secretary of Health and Human Services will establish one for them. Amazingly, some states that otherwise oppose Obamacare are choosing to implement these exchanges.

States must protect the health care freedom of their citizens by saying no to federal health insurance exchanges

On November 14, the U.S. Supreme Court granted review of the 26-state lawsuit against the President’s healthcare law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Court granted 5 ½ hours for oral argument, including 2 hours of argument on the individual mandate and 1 ½ hours on severability, which addresses whether, in the event the mandate is found unconstitutional, the entire Act must be stricken as well.

Affordable Care Act
States Can’t Have It Both Ways on Exchanges

Some state lawmakers committed to striking down the federal takeover of health care – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) – have moved forward with establishing PPACA insurance exchanges at the same time the United States Supreme Court will be deciding the law’s fate.

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