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Jonathan Butcher

Classrooms and Culture Wars: Are Schools Teaching Children About the Same America?

The next battle in the nation’s culture wars is being waged over normally mundane processes: choosing K-12 academic standards. The..

DEI Doesn’t Work. Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay for It

The evidence has been mounting for years: Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, ironically enough, don’t make people more tolerant of..

School Choice Is Driving Entrepreneurship in Education & the Workforce

Education savings accounts continue to change the way Arizona families think about their child’s K-12 school experience, despite Gov. Katie..

Education Savings Accounts Empower Families When Public Schools Fail Them

“What happens when a little kid can’t say his name or his teacher’s name?” asked Kelly Pichitino, mother of a..

Let Students Study for Final Exams, Not Worry About College Board Politics

It’s final exam season, so middle school and high school students are feverishly preparing. In case students needed one more..

A Critical Look at Critical Race Theory in America’s Classrooms

“There is little to no evidence that critical race theory itself is being taught to K-12 public school students,” The Associated..

Diversity Training Boondoggle – Expensive and Counterproductive

School curricula are not the only resources that critical theorists have used to introduce their warped worldview into the classroom...

New tax proposal could give Americans more options to save for the future

Families and their students may get more control over money saved for the future under a new tax proposal from..

Lifelong Learning Accounts
Education Savings Accounts Give Children Hope for the Future

For Wade and Melanie Harris, every day is a busy day. The couple has four biological children, five adopted children,..

Lifelong Learning Accounts

Yesterday, North Carolina became the sixth state to enact education savings accounts. State lawmakers included a provision in the budget..

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