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Jonathan Butcher

Mania Is Fiction That Feels Like Reality

Lionel Shriver has been described as a “woke-baiting provocateur,” but her penchant for truth has broad appeal. A novelist and..

No Students, Your Encampment Is Not an Exercise of Free Speech

College student “encampments” are spreading—and serve as a blatant illustration of the immaturity of this entitled generation of college students...

National School Choice Week and the Antidote to ‘Disease X’

Americans who think that COVID-19 is behind us aren’t reading the news. School Choice Week 2024, which began on Sunday,..

Moral Corruption at Community Colleges: DEI Harms Students Everywhere

In a new report, Heritage Foundation Will Skillman Fellow in Education Jonathan Butcher, who also serves as a Senior Fellow..

Constitutional Rights
Here’s How Biden Admin Is Evading SCOTUS’ Affirmative Action Ban

The U.S. Department of Education has advice for colleges on how to skirt the law and get around a recent..

Constitutional Rights
On-Campus DEI Bureaucrats Already Ditching New Loyalty Oaths

Will the last diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrat to leave their office on campus please turn out the lights? On..

Classrooms and Culture Wars: Are Schools Teaching Children About the Same America?

The next battle in the nation’s culture wars is being waged over normally mundane processes: choosing K-12 academic standards. The..

DEI Doesn’t Work. Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay for It

The evidence has been mounting for years: Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, ironically enough, don’t make people more tolerant of..

School Choice Is Driving Entrepreneurship in Education & the Workforce

Education savings accounts continue to change the way Arizona families think about their child’s K-12 school experience, despite Gov. Katie..

Education Savings Accounts Empower Families When Public Schools Fail Them

“What happens when a little kid can’t say his name or his teacher’s name?” asked Kelly Pichitino, mother of a..

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