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Jim Manley

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Englehorn v. Stanton

QUICK STATUS Last Step Phoenix filed an Answer, denying it has broken the law. Next Step Phoenix will produce documents..

0-Government Preferences
Ending Wild West Cronyism – HB2213 and GPLET Reform

When Phoenix tops Manhattan, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, and Silicon Valley in net office space leasing, you have to wonder:..

Free Speech
Campus Free Speech: A Legislative Proposal

Download the report here Executive Summary In her 2016 convocation speech, Brown University President Christina Paxson explained that a reporter..

0-Related Reforms
Petition to Amend Arizona Supreme Court Rule 32

QUICK STATUS Last Step Rule change petition filed. Next Step Arizona Supreme Court will consider the petition. The Goldwater Institute..

0-Government Preferences
Rodgers v. Pima County

The Goldwater Institute is suing to stop Pima County’s latest corporate welfare deal. The County has pledged taxpayer money and government-owned property to fund a private luxury tourism business. The scheme violates the Arizona Constitution’s prohibition on government lending or giving taxpayer money. It was also negotiated in secret, without the required competitive bidding.

0-Government Preferences
Arizona Lawyers Shouldn’t Be Misled: They Have Constitutional Rights, Too

Yesterday, the Arizona State Bar sent an email to the state’s lawyers urging them to oppose House Bill 2221, a..

0-Government Preferences
Defending Medical Innovation—and Economic Freedom

Goldwater Institute lawyers today filed a brief in the Georgia Supreme Court, in support of our challenge to the state’s..

Free Speech
Defending Free Speech in the Bluegrass State

On Friday, February 26, at 10:00 am, I will be in Federal District Court in Frankfurt, Kentucky, with co-counsel Jason..


The City of Longmont has dismissed the case against Raymond “Rich” Smith, who was charged in December 2014 with the “crime”..

Smith v. City of Longmont

QUICK STATUS Last Step Victory! All charges dismissed and jail sentence for repairing windshields reversed. Next Step Obtain written code..

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