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Christina Sandefur

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Urges Court: Reject FDA’s Rush to Regulate Innovation

Can the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate like a drug a purely medical procedure in which a person’s own..

Constitutional Rights
Our Founding Truths Are Still Worth Fighting for—and They Always Will Be

Every Independence Day, Americans gather to celebrate our freedom, mankind’s most precious possession. Freedom is more than just a political..

To Solve AZ’s Affordable Housing Crisis, Start by Getting Government Out of the Way

The Grand Canyon State was the most popular place in America to move to last year, but the state isn’t..

Limited Government
The Government’s Protectionist Meddling Doesn’t Help Women

Capitalism, not big government’s heavy hand, empowers women to pursue their American dream. Today, the dominant narrative among academics and..

Constitutional Rights
Could Time Be Up for Race-Based Admissions?

If the Supreme Court strikes down UNC’s and Harvard’s affirmative action policies, it could represent a significant step toward color-blind..

Desperate for Hope, Americans with Rare Diseases Need a ‘Right to Try’ Too

Right to Try has been a literal lifesaver for many Americans with deadly diseases such as cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS,..

Right to Try Is Unleashing the Future of Medicine

This is the third piece in a four-part series about Right to Try at the federal and state levels and..

Patients Speak Louder Than Politics: How Right to Try Became Law of the Land

You wouldn’t know it from examining today’s drug approval system, but there was once a time when federal regulations empowered..

Jobs & Economy
Goldwater Fights Special Interests’ Deceptive Debt Cancellation Scheme

Arizona is ground zero for yet another deceptive ballot initiative that would inflict untold economic damage on the state—and the..

How Right to Try Tore Up the Government Permission Slip & Put Patients First

It’s a revolutionary reform born out of an appalling reality: Dying Americans are routinely blocked from potentially lifesaving treatments unless..

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