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Constitutional Rights
Government Is Keeping Their $9K on a Technicality. The Supreme Court Should Act.

Two innocent business owners suffered an injustice at the hands of the federal government, joining the ranks of countless others..

Constitutional Rights
School District Lies—Goldwater Sues

The South Kingstown, Rhode Island, school district’s war on parents just won’t end. But the Goldwater Institute is holding the..

Constitutional Rights
$44,000 to Find Out if Government Is Keeping Its Citizens Safe?

$44,000. That’s how much Nebraska state bureaucrats want to charge a journalist to access public records that could expose the..

Constitutional Rights
Victory! Parents Win Showdown over School Book List in Texas

$1,300 to see a book list? A Texas mom was floored when she received that shocking bill from her daughter’s..

School District Demands $7K to Reveal How Often Kids Are Getting Bullied

With her 13-year-old son facing relentless verbal and physical bullying at his public middle school, a concerned Texas mom wants..

$1,300 for a Book List? Goldwater Fights School District’s Outrageous Demand

It started with a simple request from concerned Fort Worth, Texas, parent Jenny Crossland: what books will my daughter be..

Rhode Island Mom Sues School District Over Secret Meetings

Closed to the public—parents not welcome. That’s the message the South Kingstown School Committee sent Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas..

Goldwater Demands Answers on NY School District’s $31K ‘Equity’ Splurge

Where did the money actually go? That’s a question the Goldwater Institute is asking of New York’s Rye City School..

Constitutional Rights
What Is the University of Arizona Hiding?

Orwellian. It’s a word that aptly describes the University of Arizona’s campus reporting apparatus, which encourages students to snitch on..

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