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Constitutional Rights
As violent crime skyrockets, Pima County plans to set more criminals free

Violent crime is skyrocketing in Pima County, but officials are too busy planning to release lawbreakers onto the streets to..

Constitutional Rights
AZ Town’s ‘Office of Big Brother’ Is Exactly What George Orwell Warned About

At first glance, not a whole lot jumps out about usually quiet town of Gilbert, Arizona. With a population of..

Constitutional Rights
3 Ways Local Government Violated Arizonans’ Rights in 2023

From outright refusing to enforce the law to imposing mandatory “green” mandates, examples abound of local governments violating Arizonans’ rights..

DC’s ‘Green’ Mandates Come to Arizona Cities

Washington, D.C., might be 2,200 miles away from Arizona, but the powerful hand of government is reaching across the country..

Constitutional Rights
The Price of Refusing to Prosecute

Violent criminals are roaming free, and the public servants charged with putting them away refuse to do anything about it...

Constitutional Rights
What Happened at Phoenix’s Homeless ‘Zone’ Trial?

Will the city of Phoenix protect all its citizens’ rights in its homeless “Zone” without a court mandate? Right now,..

Constitutional Limits
A Path Forward for Cleaning Up California’s Cities?

Californians are fed up with watching homeless encampments take over their streets. Vast swaths of once-beautiful cities are now overrun,..

Even San Francisco Is Starting to Change Course on Homelessness. Why Won’t Phoenix?

In the liberal haven of San Francisco, where one of the worst homelessness crises in the nation has been raging..

Crisis Spirals in Phoenix’s Homeless ‘Zone’—But Some Are Demanding Action

Lawlessness, crime, violence, and death. They’ve become regular occurrences plaguing “The Zone”—the vast swath of downtown Phoenix that has turned..

Citizens Force Arizona County to Take Action on Homelessness

Violent criminals roaming free. Businesses plundered. Livelihoods smashed into bits. Law-abiding citizens in Tucson, Arizona, are fed up with the..

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