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Jobs & Economy
Missouri Legislature Stands Up for Small Businesses

In exciting news out of the Show-Me state, Missouri’s legislature has approved sweeping protections for small businesses by adopting the..

Hendrickson & Curry: Time for Greater Accountability in Education

Parents across Iowa are demanding greater accountability from public schools. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with current social and political movements,..

Jobs & Economy
A National Push to Help Military Families Get to Work

May 17, 2021By Heather Curry Many states have adopted the Goldwater Institute’s landmark Breaking Down Barriers to Work legislation to..

Economic liberty
Kansas Puts Skilled Workers First and Enacts Goldwater’s Universal Recognition Reform

April 22, 2021 Kansas has joined a growing movement of states that are making it easier for new residents with..

Government Reform
Mississippi Governor Signs Universal Recognition Law

Today, Mississippi has joined a growing movement of states that are protecting hardworking Americans and their right to earn a..

Mississippi Becomes Latest State to Advance Goldwater’s Universal Recognition Reform

March 17, 2021By Heather Curry In exciting news out of Mississippi, state lawmakers have voted to approve House Bill 1263,..

Utah Senate Cuts Red Tape with Goldwater’s Permit Freedom Act

March 1, 2021By Heather Curry If you’ve ever tried to apply for a permit for a project in your city,..

Mississippi Moves to Recognize Out-of-State Licenses, Welcome Workers

March 1, 2021By Heather Curry Updated March 5, 2021: HB 1263 has advanced through the Senate Committee on Accountability, Efficiency,..

Jobs & Economy
The White House Calls for Action on Breaking Down Barriers to Work

December 17, 2020By Heather Curry This week, President Trump issued an executive order highlighting the need for occupational licensing reform..

Jobs & Economy
Mississippi is Lowering Barriers to Work for Military Families

June 19, 2020By Heather Curry This week, the Mississippi legislature approved the Military Family Freedom Act, an essential reform that..

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