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Jonathan Butcher

National School Choice Week 2022 Has Arrived. Here’s Why It Matters for Protecting Your Values.

January 24, 2022 By Jonathan Butcher For parents, pundits and policymakers looking for a reason to celebrate National School Choice..

Research Shows Education Savings Accounts are Being Used Precisely as Intended

October 22, 2021by Jonathan Butcher Recently, reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner noted the 10th anniversary of education savings accounts, which debuted in..

Checking Predictions on How COVID Would Change K-12 Education

September 2, 2021By Jonathan Butcher As students head back to school, we can check some predictions made last year about..

Curriculum, COVID, and Choice

August 9, 2021By Jonathan Butcher Typically, as summer draws to a close, students wish the holiday would last forever and..

Teachers at Rebekah Randall’s Son’s School Are Fixated on Race. She Wants to Know, ‘What Is the Endgame?’

June 4, 2021By Jonathan Butcher A parent of two living in Texas, Rebekah Randall was furious when her son’s teacher..

Biden Administration Wants Schools to Teach Prejudice. Here’s What Parents Should Know.

April 23, 2021by Jonathan Butcher President Joe Biden’s administration wants you to know your children are biased, and Washington has..

Answering the Bullies at School in 2021

January 27, 2021By Jonathan Butcher If 2021 is to be different from 2020 for your child in school, then policymakers,..

Free Speech
SUNY-Binghamton Should Take Free Speech Seriously

October 20, 2020By Jonathan Butcher State university officials in New York have sown the seeds of negligence and are now..

Some Schools Don’t Want You To Know What They Are Teaching Your Kids. That’s a Problem.

September 9, 2020By Jonathan Butcher Six months into the pandemic, some traditions will still not be upset by a virus...

Free Speech
Free Speech Fireworks Are a Reminder of Why We Need Free Speech Protections

August 14, 2020By Jonathan Butcher Some ideas underwriting our trust in civil society are always in need of attention—even during..

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