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Constitutional Rights
Court: Goldwater Challenge to Illinois Gun Permit Delays May Proceed

If you live in Illinois, the government forces you to wait as long as 122 days to exercise your Right..

Arizona in Focus
Goldwater to Court: Strike Down Biden’s Ban on State Tax Cuts

January 14, 2022 By Jacob Huebert President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act gives states billions for COVID-19 relief, but..

Supreme Court Should Protect Nonprofit Journalists from Discrimination

October 13, 2021By Jacob Huebert Should government officials be allowed to choose which journalists report on them? Most Americans probably..

PRO Act Would Kill “Right to Work” in Arizona and Nationwide

August 9, 2021By Jacob Huebert Unions and the Biden administration are trying to enact a new federal law—the Protecting the..

Supreme Court Should Protect Workers Locked in to Paying Union Dues

July 22, 2021By Jacob Huebert Unions are being allowed to flout a landmark Supreme Court ruling—and it’s time for the..

Goldwater to SCOTUS: Strike Down New York’s Concealed Carry Ban

July 21, 2021By Jacob Huebert In New York, it’s virtually impossible to exercise your Second Amendment right to bear arms...

Free Speech
Victory! Fifth Circuit Rules Mandatory Bar Membership Violates First Amendment

July 2, 2021By Jacob Huebert Should lawyers be compelled to join a bar association and pay dues to fund speech..

Federal Court: Congress Can’t Use COVID Relief to Stop States from Cutting Taxes

July 1, 2021By Jacob Huebert President Joe Biden’s “American Rescue Plan Act,” gives states billions of federal dollars to help..

Free Speech
Tenth Circuit Allows Goldwater Challenge to Compulsory Bar Membership to Proceed

June 30, 2021By Jacob Huebert Free speech scored an important win this week: The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled..

Limited Government
Should All States Tax and Spend Like California? President Biden’s Stimulus Plan Could Make It So

President Biden’s recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act gives states billions for COVID-19 relief, but with strings attached: States that take..

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