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Constitutional Rights
Arizona Bucks Government’s Heavy Hand—and Americans Are Moving There in Droves

High unemployment. Overregulation. Crippling taxation. It’s the same old story in too many states—a challenging economic climate is made worse..

Drink Up: We Ought to Make To-go Alcohol Permanent

December 2, 2021By Jennifer Tiedemann After COVID-19 took hold in the United States, hundreds of federal and state regulations were..

“Backpack Scholarships” Offer New Promise to Ohio Kids

October 7, 2021By Jennifer Tiedemann What goes in a kid’s backpack when they go to school? Books, pencils, and maybe..

Raise the Wage Act Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time for Struggling Americans

January 28, 2021By Jennifer Tiedemann The proposal of a $15 federal minimum wage has resurfaced, and it couldn’t come at..

In the 2020 Elections, Socialism Lost

November 10, 2020By Jennifer Tiedemann As political analysts begin their autopsy on the 2020 election, there already seems to be..

Want to Reform Police Behavior? Take a Look at America’s City Courts.

June 5, 2020By Jennifer Tiedemann The death of George Floyd has kickstarted a growing national conversation on racism in America..

A Coronavirus Comeback for Drive-Ins?

April 22, 2020By Jennifer Tiedemann Right now, going out to see a movie might seem like the stuff of fantasies...

Craft Beverages are on the Brink. Please, Politicians, Don’t Make It Worse!

April 3, 2020By Jennifer Tiedemann The economic conditions created by the coronavirus outbreak are bad enough for small businesses—government shouldn’t..

A Love Letter to Arizona

February 14, 2020By Jennifer Tiedemann While February 14 makes most Americans think of hearts, flowers, and candy, Arizonans think a..

TONIGHT: Free Screening of “Miss Virginia” Movie in Phoenix

In celebration of National School Choice Week, tonight the Goldwater Institute will be hosting a FREE screening of the movie..

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